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Our story

Our story is simple, we want you to be able to take something as complicated as running a business and make it a process where all involved can see your companies vision in small, manageable units, that are measured, and have goal dates for accomplishment. By doing this, your companies overall score will increase over time, your employees will know why they are coming to work every day, and all will achieve success together as a team.

At we have decided to focus our attention on what we love most, "BUSINESS". To be more descriptive, helping others grow their business in a way that is simple, manageable, and affordable. We believe that most business owners have the basic skills, knowledge, infrastructure, and capital to achieve greater success than they are currently experiencing. We took a system that we had utilized in past ventures and enhanced it, simplified it, and made it accessible to others who want to experience greater success for themselves. Although the previous system was antiquated ( not web-driven ) and was used with pens and paper, it worked! In 5 years time, it enabled us to take a business"idea" to a "profitable startup" to an"Inc500 fastest growing company( #186 in 2009 )" to a multimillion dollar sale of the company.

We believe that most companies are in touch with the goals they need to achieve growth, profitability, and scale—but those same companies often lack a defined path that will lead them to success. Our mission is to help companies keep track of their tasks, manage employees, and make sure that execution is at an all time high. We provide a path to achieving your Company Goals.

We are a team of entrepreneurs who have seen, first hand, the power of accountability and organization. We are here to harness the vision of other CEO's and/or managers, to help them not only reach success, but also achieve a whole new set of goals that will bring them to the next level.

In addition to the"system", we also see the power of a strong network. Today, most business is drawn through referrals and relationships, and we are here to help. We pick a select group of our clients and accept them into the Company Goals Network: a team of highly successful business owners and managers who will be invited to exclusive events where they will get the opportunity to create partnerships with the community members and companies who matter most.